Simplify your weight loss.

With your favorite online community, devoted to

creating a fun and strong lifestyle.


Achieve a body and a lifestyle you love.

The Live Fully Academy is an online community and training center for women, who are looking to create the body and the life of their dreams. Experience the Live Fully Academy and clarify your goals, strengthen your mindset and minimize distractions.  Do fun workouts that totally fit your schedule. 

Workout wherever you want!

Perfect for busy 9-5ers, Work at Home Creators or Busy Moms ready to get their groove back. Create new routines and meet new people through our online community.

Certified and master trainers!

All of our trainers are highly educated and know their stuff. They have been in the fitness industry for many years and understand how to train, teach, explain complex ideas and make them fun!

New live classes every week!

Join fitness classes in real time from wherever you like through your phone or laptop.  Fresh and fun new workout routines are added to your library every week.

Injury free training!

The Live Fully Academy includes a monthly Book Club and private Facebook group to help you learn, upgrade your life, reach your goals, and connect with new people who are into fitness, just like you.

Over 200 on-demand classes!

Instant access to our library of over 100 fun and inspiring fitness classes and workout anytime, anywhere.  BONUS classes included on mindset, nutrition and special guest coaches!

Never feel like Zoom!

Our Trainers will take you from chaos to clarity every 90 days. Design a 90 Day plan to reach your goals and connect with high vibrating ladies that dream, be and do, just like you do.

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What is the Live Fully Community? 

Watch this quick video to meet our creator and learn more about our online community. 

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Choose the membership that works for you! 




  • Monthly connection calls
  • Private Facebook community 
  • Monthly mindset prompts 
  • On-demand library with all connection calls 



Only $1 for you first month!

  • Live virtual fitness class every month!
  • Over 200+ on-demand fitness classes available at your fingertips!
  • Free Smart App to learn anywhere and anytime!



Good for one class only

  • 1 live fitness class
  • Personalized feedback and attention during live classes
  • Good for one time only

Lose weight. Build muscle. Get stronger.

You deserve a body you love to live in. Many of us struggle to lose weight and work out on a consistent basis. The goal is to create new habits and routines, but you lose your way when life happens and throws you off your path. With a Live Fully Academy Memership you get: 

Live fitness classes via ZOOM

Plus our library of over 100 Pre-Recorded and diverse fitness classes.

Quarterly Planning Workshops

To work on your mindset and help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

...And Much, Much More

Enjoy guest speakers, challenges, book club and a private Facebook group community.

Even If you...

  • Don't consider yourself physically strong
  • Feel vulnerable and clueless when it comes to working out
  • Are not into fitness and counting calories
  • Hate the gym
  • Are a busy working woman or mother who isn't sure she has time for another responsibility
  • Have lost weight in the past with other programs, but gained it back

This Online Membership Academy was Designed to Meet you Where You Are. 


The Live Fully Academy was made to fit into your busy lifestyle. We focus on our 3 fundamentals of actually making change: Form, Fundamentals and Fun! When you master all 3 of your habit shifts, you will notice real and lifelong change in your body and your mind. If you would like to lose weight, build real muscle and truly get stronger, then this is the online community for you.

The body and lifestyle you've always wanted is just one click away!

Monique Bueno

"I can workout anywhere, at any time, with a supportive online community, devoted to fitness."


"With the Live Fully Academy, I get to focus on myself while being surrounded by individuals who are also working on mindset"

Nohemi Valdez

"When gyms closed, I invested in the Live Fully Academy Membership and have had even better workouts than when I went to the gym!"

Lose weight and wear those skinny jeans in the back of your closet with a big smile on your face

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